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GEO is a set of free interactive databases and tools built collaboratively by people like you

GOAL: to promote an understanding, on a global scale, of the dynamics of change in energy systems, quantify emissions and their impacts, and accelerate the transition to carbon-neutral, environmentally benign energy systems while providing affordable energy to all.

By providing easy to use and visualize data, models and analysis tools we aim to engage the public and the experts.

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Current List of Oil_Ports Transmission

El-Jazair (Algiers) Oil Terminals
Arzew Port
Skikda Port
Luanda Oil Terminals
Campana Port
la Plata Oil Terminals
Aruba Oil Port
Bulwer Island Terminals
Lytton Oil Port
Port Stanvac Terminals
Altona Oil Terminals
Geelong_Corio Terminals
Schwechat Oil Port
Baku Por
Haydar Aliev Port
Burmah Oil Terminal Bahamas
Buckeye Bahamas Hub Bahamas
Sitrah Oil Port
Chittagong Oil Port
Antwerp Oil Port I
Antwerp Oil Port II
Antwerp Oil Port III
Antwerp Oil Port IV
Antwerp Oil Port V
Antwerp Oil Port VI
Sao Francisco do Conde Port
Fortaleza Oil terminal
Duque de Caxias Oil Terminals
Pelotas Port
Rio de Juneiro Port
Cubatao Oil Terminals
San Francisco da Praia Oil Port
Brunei Seria Oil Port
Burgas Port
Limbe Oil Terminal
Burnaby Port
Saint John Port
Come by Chance Oil Terminals
Dartmouth Oil Port
Corunna Oil Terminals
Nanticoke Oil Terminals
Sarnia Oil Terminals
Sarnia Terminals I
Montréal Oil Terminals
Saint-David Oil Terminals
Concon Port
Bio-Bio Oil Terminal
Gregorio Port
Anqing Oil Terminals
Guangzhou Oil Port
Beihai Oil Port
Jiujiang Oil Port
Jilin Oil Terminal
Dalain Oil Terminal
Jinxi Oil Port
Huangdao Oil Port China
Shanghai Gaoqiao Oil Port
Tianjin Oil Terminals
Zhenhai Oil Port
Barranquilla Port
Cartagena Oil Terminal
Riohacha Oil Jetty
Santa Marta Port
Convenas Oil Jetty
Pointe Noire Port
Puerto Lim�³n Oil Port
Abidjan Oil Terminals
JANAF Omisalj Port and Terminal Croatia
Rijeka Port
Sisak Port
Cupet Cienfuegos Oil Port
Kalundborg Oil Jetty
Asyut Port
Wadi Feiran Oil Terminal
Acajutla Oil Port
Porvoo Oil jetty
Naantali Oil Port
Berre L\'Etang Oil Port
Fos-sur-Mer Oil Jetty
Marseilles Oil Port
Marseilles Oil Port II
Gonfreville l\'Orcher Oil Jetty
Gravenchon River Jetty
Donges River Jetty
Feyzin River Jetty
CIM Le Havre Oil Terminal France
Le Havre-Antifer Oil Terminal France
Sogara Oil Terminal
Karlsruhe River Port
Burghausen River Port
Ingolstadt River Port
Schwedt River Port
Wilhelmshaven Oil Jetty
Hamburg Oil Jetty I
Hamburg Oil Jetty II
Tema Port
Aspropyrgos Oil Jetty
Elefsina Oil Jetty
Corinth Oil Jetty
Thessaloniki Oil Jetty
Szazhalombatta River Port
Visakhapatnam Oil Port
Bharuch Oil Port
Jamnagar Oil Port
Kandla Oil Port
Uran Oil Jetty
Mangalore Oil Port
Kochi Oil Port
Mumbai Oil Port
Mumbai Oil Port II
Chidambaranar Oil Jetty
Manali Chennai Oil Port
Musi Oil Port
Balongan Oil Terminal
Cilacap Oil Terminal
Balikpapan Oil Port
Dumai Oil Port
Sungai Pakning Oil Terminal
Al Faw (destroyed)
Basrah Port
Khawr az Zubayr Oil Terminal
Umm Qasr
Whitegate Oil Jetty
Zenith Bantry Bay Terminal Ireland
Dogerdan oil port
Abadan Oil Port
Bandar-e Khomeni (BIK) Oil Port
Ashdod Oil Port
Ashqelon Oil Jetty
Ancona Oil Jetty
Sarroch Oil Jetty
Gela Oil Jetty
Cremona River Port
Genova Oil Jettys
Livorno Port
Milazzo Oil jetty
Augusta Oil Jetty
Impianti North Oil jetty
Impianti South Oil Jetty
Taranto Oil Jetty
Societa Italiana per l'Oleodotto Transalpino (SIOT) Oil Terminal Italy
Marghera Oil Port
Chiba Oil Port
Cosmo Oil Port
Ichihara Oil Port
Yokkaichi Oil Port
Muroran Oil Jetty
Sakai Oil Port
Kawasaki Oil Port
Kawasaki Oil Port II
Negishi Oil Port
Yokohama Oil Port
Sendai Oil Port I
Sendai Oil Port II
Okinawa Oil Jetty
Wakayama Oil jetty
Klindini-Mombasa Port
Mina Al-Ahmadi Oil Port
El-Brega Port
Zawia Oil Terminals (SBMs)
Ras Lanuf Port
Butinge Oil Terminal
Klaipeda Naptha Port
Melaka Oil Port Malaysia
Port Dickson Oil Port
Port Dickson Oil Terminal
Lutong Oil Port
Kertih Oil Port
Manzanillo Port
Ciudad Madero Oil Port
Samir Mohammedia Oil Terminal
Vlissingen Oil Port
Europort Oil Port
Europort Oil Port I
Europort Oil Port II
Europort Oil Port III
Rotterdam Oil Port
Isla Curacao Oil Terminals
Statia Terminal Oil Terminal Sint Eustatius Netherlands Antilles
Marsden Point Oil Terminals
San Juan Port
Warri Port
Port Harcourt Terminals
Monstad Port
Slagen Oil Jetty
Karachi Oil Port
Limay Oil Port
Batangas I Oil Port
Batangas II Oil Port
Tabangao Batangas Oil Port
Gdansk Oil Port
Porto Oil Jetty
Sines Oil Jetty
Ras Laffan Oil Port
Kaohsiung Oil Port
Mailiao Oil Port
Taoyuan Oil Port
Ulsan Oil Port
Incheon Oil Port
Yeosu Oil Port
Constanta Port
Novokuibyshevsk River Port
Syzran River Port
Saratov Oil jetty
Volgograd River Port
Ras al Muajjiz Oil Terminal Saudi Arabia
Jiddah Oil Terminal
Singapore ExxonMobil Oil Port
Singapore Oil Port
Singapore Pulau Bukom Oil Port
Bratislava River Port
Durban Oil Terminals
Gibraltar Oil Port
La Rábida Oil Jetty
Bilbao Oil Port
Tenerife Oil Terminal
Tarragona Oil Port
Coruna Oil Port
Cartagena Oil Jetty
Port Sudan Oil Port
Nynaeshamn Oil Jetty
Gothenburg Oil Jetty
Lysekil Oil Jetty
Sriracha Oil Jetty I
Sriracha Oil Jetty II
Sriracha Oil Jetty III
Rayong Oil Jetty
Rayong Oil Port
Pointe-a-Pierre Oil Port
Banzart Oil Port
Ceyhan I Oil Port
Ceyhan II Oil Port
Aliaga Oil Jetty
Tupras Oil Terminal
Kherson Port
Odessa Port
Kremenchuk River Port
Al-Ruwais (UAE) Oil Port
Umm Al-Narr (UAE) Oil Port
Jebel Ali (UAE) Oil Port
Fujairah Oil Port
Sharjah (UAE) Oil Port
Liverpool Port
Coryton Oil Jetty
Southampton Oil Jetty
Immingham Oil Terminal
S.K. Oil Jetty
Milford Oil Jetty
Pembroke Oil Jetty
Grangemouth Port
Port Clarence Oil Jetty
Mobile Oil Terminals
Saraland Oil Terminals
Kenai Oil Terminals
Valdez Oil Terminal I
Valdez Oil Terminals
Benicia Terminals
Martinez Oil Terminals
Martinez Oil Terminals II
Richmond Oil Terminals
Rodeo San Francisco Terminal
Torrance Port
Wilmington Terminal I
Wilmington Terminal II
Wilmington Terminal III
Delaware Oil Terminal
Savannah Oil Terminals
Koolina Oil Terminal
Joliet Oil terminals
Whiting Terminal
Baton Rouge Oil Terminals
Belle Chasse Oil Terminals
Chalmette Oil Terminal
Convent Oil Terminals
Garyville Oil Terminals
Krotz Springs Oil Terminal
Lake Charles Oil Terminal
Lake Charles Oil Terminals
Meraux Terminal
Norco Oil Terminals
Port Allen Oil Terminal
Saint Charles Oil Terminals
Saint Rose Oil Terminals
Westlake Oil Terminals
Detroit Oil Terminal
Pascagoula Oil Terminals
Vicksburg Oil Terminal
Toledo Port
Marcus Hook OIl Terminal
Philadelphia Oil Terminal
Trainer Oil Terminal
Baytown Oil Terminal
Beaumont Oil Terminal
Corpus Christi Oil Terminal III
Corpus Christi Terminal I
Corpus Christi West Terminal
Deer Park Oil Terminal
Flint Hills Oil Terminal
Houston Oil Terminal IV
Houston Terminal I
Port Arthur Oil Terminal I
Port Arthur Oil Terminal II
Port Arthur Oil Terminal III
Port Arthur Oil Terminals
Texas City Oil Terminal II
Texas City Oil Terminal III
Texas City Terminal I
Yorktown Oil Terminal
Anacortes Oil Terminals
Cherry Point Oil Terminals
Ferndale Oil terminal
Tacoma Port
Puerto la Cruz Oil Port
El Palito Oil Port
Amuay Oil Port
Cardon Oil Port
Saint Croix